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How Adverse Events with Patients Could Lead Schaumburg Surgeons to Addiction

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The Life of a Surgeon and the Struggles They Deal With

The traits that always seem to inevitably make surgeons good surgeons are things like them having a compulsive attention to detail, a strong sense of duty to patients, professional detachment, and other traits that also make it difficult for them to manage the personal agony of an adverse event, those of which happen quite often, especially for ER surgeons.  It is appropriate and normal for a surgeon to experience severe amounts of guilt, frustration and sadness over an error or complication of some kind.  And there is no question about it either, but surgeons ought to experience these feelings.  There truth is that if they don’t feel some kind of internal negative response to bad outcomes that they could have prevented, there is something wrong with them.

But there also is an abnormal and pathologic response to an adverse event too, a response characterized by social and professional isolation to a degree, intense depression, rumination and distraction, which hurts the surgeon, his or her family, and colleagues and risks putting subsequent patients in harm’s way.  Perhaps the greatest risk here though, is the fact that it can bring about an intensive degree and amount of substance abuse amongst the surgeon too, especially in places like Schaumburg where more than half of the patients treated in local hospitals by surgeons are in there because of an accident or injury that resulted from substance abuse. This issue needs to be spoken about more and the drug rehab referral needs to start talking to these surgeons and explain to them what substance abuse is really doing to them and how it can affect their control and judgment calls during a surgery. Although their career is tough at times, it is still not normal for a surgeon to be abusing substances especially during a surgical procedure. This is where a drug rehab Schaumburg will come in hand, a close by recovery center for individuals who cant leave their city since their job is so demanding.

Substance Abuse Amongst Schaumburg Surgeons

In a study published in the year of 2015, researchers surveyed 265 physicians and nurses in the United Kingdom and the United States and found that medical errors can have long-standing negative effects on the health care providers involved in the incident.  In truth, one-third of respondents said medical errors had at least a moderate negative effect on their work performance, personal life or professional relationships.  Furthermore, such errors twenty to thirty percent of the time inspired some degree or extent of substance abuse.  In Schaumburg it is even worse because there is so much substance abuse already occurring and, as mentioned above, so many of the surgeons who end up in this situation do so because they are treating people who themselves are drug or alcohol addicts.

The surgeons can be referred to a drug rehabilitation Schaumburg in order to recover from their substance abuse addiction. As an individual getting a surgery, if you found out your surgeon was currently high, you would definitely reject getting surgery at that time and this has effects on the workplace environment, the patients and obviously on the surgeon’s career.


This area clearly needs to be addressed and rectified as soon as is possible.  Surgeons are highly valuable individuals and, if they are not given the respect and the admiration they deserve for staying sober through all that they go through, then hard times could be ahead in Schaumburg.