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The compassionate services of Gospel For Asia is giving hope to the deprived

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There are various villages, towns and cities in the continent of Asia who are victims of various natural calamities like flood, earthquake, tsunami, drought and many more. These natural calamities not only take away their livelihood but they also lose their dear ones. The whole tragedy takes away their confidence, happiness and self reliability where they find themselves depressed with no way to end their agony. Getting back to the normal life is not an easy task for them. The relief camps and the assistance received from the administration is not enough to start the new life.

Gospel For Asia, a christian missionary organization which works comprehensively and consistently to make the lives of these people a little better. When a person loses everything in a natural disaster and even in other tragic incidents, they need support and guidance. The dedicated missionaries of this non-governmental organization works to provide them all forms of basic aid and hope to these downtrodden people.

Founded more than 30 years ago, it has its prominent presence in most of the Asian countries which are prone to these natural calamities and have a significant population living under the poverty line. It works under the able leadership of KP Yohannan and functions in the countries of India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Cambodia and many more. Due to its wide presence and credible work, it is now regarded as one of the most influential foundation in the whole Asia.

What they do?

Gospel For Asia believes in serving humanity. With the number of national branches in every country it works to provide assistance and basic amenities to the people- like food, clothing and shelter. It emphasizes to reach those deprived and distressed people who are homeless and victims of disaster. It helps them by providing regular healthy meals and ensuring health care facilities and medicines to them.

As most of these people lose their livelihood or dear ones, they organize motivating sessions and share with them the message of Jesus Christ and encourage them to again start their endeavor. The words and messages of God retrieves their faith on themselves and humanity. The missionaries always work to motivate them and teach the poor souls the value of dignity and ill effects of discrimination. It also provides education to the children who cannot afford to go to school.

How they do?

Gospel For Asia is a religious non-governmental organization founded in the year 1978. It works with the goal of forming missionaries native to every nation who will reach all those deprived people who are unaware of the Jesus’s teaching and messages and suffering from different problems due to discrimination and natural calamities. All these missionaries reach these people and provide them with all kinds of support. Since its inception, it has not been involved in politics or other controversies.

A completely clean image and dedication to serve the mankind, these two features separate Gospel For Asia for other services. It not only provides temporary relief to the deprived people but they ensure that people get the chance to start and live a new life joyfully.