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What to do with a Drooping Neck?

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The loss of youthful appearance can be because of a variety of factors, involving gravity, environmental conditions, heredity, and stress.

The neck lift wraps drooping muscles diagonally to the jaw to fix that all-important right angle. Compared with a face-lift, there is less pulling, sutures are smaller and recovery time is much shorter. But, a neck lift has ordinarily been part and parcel of a face-lift and several plastic surgeons think it should stay so. The logic is that the muscles of the neck are anatomically linked to muscles of the face, so if you attempt to tighten only the neck muscles, you will do face an injustice. Using this line of logic, even if the big trouble area is neck, one will get better results with a face-lift.

In case you’re confused on which process is right for you, consult experts at Sono Bello who will give you feedback while checking your face and neck.

Both the face and neck are typically treated, at the same time, in combination with liposuction to sculpt the area below the jaw line and chin. However, if you have looser skin, weaker muscles, gained weight, and free falling fat, carelessness may add to your drop zone. Young patients who no major facial aging but have fatty necks may be treated only with liposuction. Several plastic surgeons also use light or laser technology to tighten necks.

It has been observed that using Botox in wrinkling and creases areas will maintain a youthful appearance and will prevent deeper lines from forming. Better to not let those ugly or tired lines form, so people will not recognize that you’ve had something done.  Botox can additionally lessen those V-shaped platysma cords.

Another option is inserting fat from your belly into your jaw line area to give extra volume. This will involve the bonus of stem cells making your skin glow more and increasing collagen.

Thermage, Ulthera and Titan devices provide ultrasound, radio frequency and infrared lasers to provoke skin layers beneath the epidermis. According to the surgeons, these devices don’t provide much energy to have an ample effect. However, in case you have mild laxity and want modest results, they may be a good alternative.

Evolastin, new FDA-approved radio-frequency device, has been receiving some good reviews. It provides heat through small injections straightly into the deep dermis. The aim is to enhance collagen and elastin. A common treatment can involve as many as 1,500 shots by pulses from 10-needle cartridge; the pain would be unbearable, if local anesthesia is not used. You also require patience; the effects take more than 1 month to see and then remain for a year. If you choose this process, ask tons of questions relating to the restoration time. There have been records of post treatment swelling which can remain for some time.

Even though you might choose one of these alternatives, it’s a good idea to consult an expert from skin treatment centers like Sono Bello with an open mind. They can suggest you very best process in view of your unique facial characteristics.