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Overview of Singapore Management University

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Singapore is known for many esteemed educational institutions and research societies. Scholars and students from all over the world join these prestigious institutes for academic pursuance and research and development. Almost all kinds of disciplines and faculties are situated here and the host of professors, guides, and research experts are globally acclaimed.

Besides the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU) is also one of the most reputed and well-admired educational institutes in Singapore.

Singapore Universities 

Founded in 1905, the National University of Singapore is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore. It is a sprawling multi-disciplinary university with various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Nanyang Technological University is the second oldest public autonomous research university and second-largest university in Singapore. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in electrical and electronics and communication, environmental engineering, information technologies. civil engineering, media and design, biological sciences, and computer science. Admission process and Scholarships in Singapore are more or less the same amongst all and vary between course to course.

Admission and Courses At SMU

Established in July 2000, SMU is located in the Downtown area of Singapore. The university is known for offering well-designed and structured business programs shaped after the model of the business program at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. SMU offers undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, professional and continuing education, and research programs. Admission at SMU is obtained through GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and ELTS scores. For professional courses, continuing education, and research programs, work experience is an additional bonus.

At the undergraduate level, SMU offers degrees of bachelor of accountancy, bachelor of business management, bachelor of laws, bachelor of science in economics, bachelor of social sciences, and a bachelor of information systems. At the postgraduate level, courses on professional accountancy, data analytics, CFO leadership, business administration, and executive MBA, applied finance, quantitative finance, wealth management, and communication management are offered at SMU. These courses can be taken segment-wise, part-time, or fulltime level.

Research and Development at SMU

SMU is one of the leading research institutes in Asia and the World. Core research areas fostered here by scholars from all over the World are corporate reporting, corporate governance, financial performance analysis, accounting information theories, macroeconomics, international and applied economics, operation management, organisational behaviour, marketing, corporate strategies, communication management, business models and innovation and most important corporate social responsibilities.

Scholarships at SMU

The scholarships rational solely at the Singapore Management University are classically merit-based, and some are stretchable for up to the full duration of the course, i.e. four years in case of an undergraduate degree program. Every scholarship facility offered is based on exceptional academic performance, talent, and specialised skills and expertise. The rewards are made conceivable through the substantial donations of well-wishers and patrons of SMU.