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An Important Note on Data Backup Process before a Phone Trade-in

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Cell phones when not flawlessly recycled most often still consist of all the personal data, escalating the potential for individuality theft. Deleting private and personal information may seem like a reprieve from identity scams and fraud. If someone has decided to trade in their phone, the following steps are crucial to follow.

One must save backups of the app data, contacts, Gmail, documents in Google Drive, calendar entries, web browser bookmarks, and Google account. The user must ensure all of the data has been backed up lately by clicking over to Settings, Accounts, Google account, and select everything which the user wishes to sync and transfer. It is very crucial and important to backup all the media files to the cloud or manually to the computer. To back up to the cloud, one can use several cloud storage portals, preferably the one that gives you great storage space.

Back up all of your photos and videos to the cloud or manually to your computer. To back up to the cloud, you can use some cloud storage options, but we like Google Photos which gives you free storage for photos up to 20MP in resolution and lets you set your device to automatically backup your photos as you take them or only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. To back up your photos and videos to your computer, one needs to connect the phone to the computer. If someone has never done it before, he may need to download the software or drivers and on installation, the user will be directed through the process.

Ideally one should back up the contents to the computer, portable hard disc, USB drive, and cloud service. The person should also remember, the locations where these backup data are stored to ensure a hassle-free search. It’s also a wonderful idea to use a mobile data erasure solution that will permanently remove all data from phones running either on iOS and Android operational systems. Once these steps have been completed the user will be able to trade in the old smartphone and sell phone from this website at to enjoy the best deal and price.

One of the simplest and seamless ways to keep text messages and call log back up is using the SMS Backup and Restore. The app saves the messages and calls log to a file that can be inevitably uploaded to email, Dropbox, or Google Drive or. If someone has a new phone, he can directly share the data with the help of a Fast Transfer facility. Before the user trades in the mobile device, to any mobile eCommerce service provider, he needs to restore it to the original form it was in when it first came out of the assembly line.