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Singapore is generously a great city to live in!

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Singapore is a small nation that is tinier than many major cities around the earth, but this city nation has organized to make its imprint on the world with some prime step accolades despite its small size and fairly young age. Here are 6 things that Singapore is generously city known for.

·         Greenery amidst the city

Singapore has a stature as the Garden City, evident in how well-manicured and lush the social areas and even the highways are. While much of the farming and wild geographies were cleaned to make way for the thriving population, actions have been made to inaugurate some greenery into the concrete wilderness – besides public parks amidst the tall buildings, you will always see blossoms and bushes striping the overhead bridges or tall shady plants planed along the main barricade of the freeways.

You can glimpse greenery around your area of living if you are living in Singapore, you may not travel much to reach a lawn or sit under a tree for fresh air. For the nicest illustration, Thiam Siew residences check this page

·         Being super clean

Singapore is renowned for retaining some of the cleanest roads in the world, primarily due to a 50,000-strong cleaning workforce assigned to keep the streets clean. Singapore is moreover known for its strict laws on littering, spitting on the roads, destruction, and public urination that can occur in huge fines and/or a penalty called Corrective Work Order, where criminals are expected to pick up litter in social wearing a bright vest.

·         That ban on chewing gum

Many people know Singapore as that city you can’t chew gum in, a rule executed in 1992 to combat the disruptions gum was resulting in the then-newly inaugurated subway system, and implicated heavy penalties for anyone grabbed sticking their gum in unwanted places. While regulations are normally extra loosened up today and you can get gum for your consumption, you still will not see gum sold anywhere around the island unless you attend the pharmacy with a physician’s prescription for nicotine or dental gum.

·         The country of shopping malls

Orchard Road is probably the greatest active span of the road in Singapore, a 2.2km distance with many luxury shopping malls lining the road on both flanks, and discerns citizens and travellers alike throng the malls on weekends. These days, nearly every primary district in Singapore has a mall of its own, often a prominent hangout area for close residents who want to pick a bite, do a spot of shopping, or barely celebrate the air-conditioning satisfaction on a hot afternoon. 

The Thiam Siew condo developer makes sure that the new high rise is not far from several malls and shopping complexes. 

·         Having an incredible airport and airline

Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the nicest spots to have a layover, a huge modern structure with conveniences like a free auditorium, flower lawns, and even a swimming pool for travellers arriving or passing through Singapore. Changi Airport is furthermore the root of national carrier Singapore Airlines, famed for its iconic Singapore Girl flight attendants and assistance that invariably garners global recognition as one of the best airlines to fly with.

·         Inexpensive and good street food

Hotels and workouts in Singapore may not ever be the cheapest, but tourists love that its street food has stayed fairly cheap while having great hygiene and integrity. Locals and travelers alike bear the humidity to eat out in any of the nation’s many hawker centers, crammed with a huge variation of provincial and local food stalls – a favorite path to experience Singaporean culture. Some of Singapore’s nicest hawker food booths have even managed to garner Michelin stars, a world first.