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6 Advantages of Living in Amber Sea Condominiums

You have decided to buy real estate in Singapore but neither the public housing formulas, nor individual houses, nor the purchase of an apartment from individuals are suitable for your life project or your financial capacities? You may be made to live in a property development type residence. A good way to combine the need for privacy and comfort with the joys of good neighbourliness. Explanations:

Live in safety

This is usually the first and main advantage of acquiring residential condominium in Amber Sea. The most serious real estate developers invest heavily in security equipment such as video surveillance systems for common areas, residence entrances that are guarded or accessible with electronic tags. However, the reliability of the equipment is not the only criterion for a completely secure residence. The training and good management of security personnel is also a key factor in ensuring the peace of mind of residents in Singaporeans, and everywhere else.

You no longer have to leave before 7:00 a.m. to move your car

It is also the inescapable advantage of any residential accommodation over any purchase of real estate: having YOUR own parking space. When we know the extent of parking problems in Singapore, this option can be more than decisive. Live with people who are like you. A good real estate developer generally takes care to properly segment his target clientele, from the early stages of the project. Its reliability and profitability depend on it. The apartment rental process already sold also obeys very strict criteria. You are therefore almost sure to have good social cohesion within your residence and therefore, to avoid as much as possible the neighbourhood problems that can arise from too great a disparity between values, culture and codes of living in common.

Have a single point of contact

Whether it’s an elevator breakdown, a car accidentally parked in your parking space or water infiltration because an awkward neighbour forgot to turn off his tap, you will always have to address you to a single person, that is to say to the administrator of the residence. A significant advantage when you know the difficulty of finding reliable providers for this kind of daily hassle.

Your children will have a place to have fun during the weekend and during school holidays

It’s one of parents’ nightmares: kids who get bored watching TV on weekends or spend their excess energy running around all the rooms! In a well-designed residential complex, the children’s play area occupies a significant place in the layout of the outdoor spaces.

Work downstairs if you are self-employed

In a city with an estimated population of 57 lakhs, we all aspire to a workplace that is close to where we live. Thus, if you are a pharmacist, doctor, or even a lawyer, you could possibly choose a real estate promotion in Singapore which offers you this advantageous possibility. This certainly represents a significant investment, but also a good option to guarantee a reliable clientele and a better quality of life!

A capital gain if you want to sell your apartment in the future

A real estate purchase is also an investment for your future and that of your children. Residential-type housing sells better because the best residences are always seen, well located and better equipped.

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